Holy shit, it’s a doodle

He’s pissed bc he doesn’t have legs


Back in the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, the game had a funny way of punishing you for turning off the game while in another town. You’d lose whatever items and money you had on you at the time, but when you loaded up your town again, your character would be missing their face. Instead, they’d have the blank expressionless gyroid face. I didn’t think it was real until I tried it.

Lack of posts

Hey dudes! I don’t have internet on my computer right now so I can’t really post much. Sorry for the inactivity, art will be posted as soon as this is resolved.

ive shipped these 2 ever since i was 10 what do u want from me sonic fandom

Drew Ms.Fortunes older design as well because she’s really hot and i love her

Ms.Fortune is my gf


who gives a fuck about the other new sonic boom characters NOT ME


fuckin demon girls, man

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