"Followed for art not annoying text posts" well fuck me if an artist can’t write on their own blog or talk to their followers and sorry you don’t give a shit about the person beyond absorbing their free content

that melon sweater exists and i need it!!!!


art trade with Maddzee !

her character Amber! :>

Sorry friends!!! Accidentally reblogged hella shit onto here. If you wanna follow my main blog it’s spookycocacola!! uvu

get spooked

sonic fc that nobody ever gets 2 know about

old stuff that i probably didnt post

someone be on a team w my coolio sonic fc look how cool she is cmon

been in an art rut so i drew my son


I really like the Werehog.

For my friend Kailey the BAELEY…. yeah

ive never even played dmmd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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