it me -_-

i tried to draw in the older SA Sonic style because I really like it a lot!!! Don’t think I nailed it here though haha.


"you oversexualize your characters" guess who DOESN’T CARE LOL
if you dont like my art then you have the option(s) to:
1) cry about it
2) not fucking look at it

have a good day :^)

drew the Bae <3



Thank you so much for adding Eggman, you have made my day! *hugs* <3

You’re very welcome! <3

Just wondering, is it alright if I use your drawing of sonic as my tumblr icon? :3c

Go for it! Please give me credit somewhere though ;v;)/


motivational sonics bc i was feeling bad ;v;

edit: added metal sonic and fixed the post so it wasnt so long!!! phew!!! and thank you to anyone wishing me to feel better!!! you’re all lovely!!!! 

another edit: added eggman by request! im so glad you all like this, it really makes me happy. <3 have a lovely day everyone.  

I really, really loved your positive Sonic pictures and I am glad you are feeling so much better, I was wondering if I could be super super cheeky and request a positive Eggman picture, I've been feeling pretty shite myself a lot recently and he's my favourite character, so something positive from him would be amazing :)

I’m glad you did! 

And of course. I’m unsure of what he should say, but I’ll try my best! I’ll post one here and add him onto the post. <:

hope you don’t mind him being classic! Have a lovely day, feel better soon doll <3

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